5 Social Media tips for your content marketing strategy

  1. See social media as a place to tell stories. It’s easy for us to compare how our content might show up to what we see daily on social media. Rather, see the opportunity to build connections.
  2. Have a strategy and understand the voice of your brand, the type of content that will resonate with your brand. Lean on the nuances that makes you great and build your strategy around that.
  3. Develop a schedule/calendar… even better, develop themes. Daily and weekly so you can shape your content around those themes. Take out the daily stress of what you will be posting to leave your thoughts open to the great things you could be posting.
  4. Review your data… and understand the content that resonates. If you can’t measure it you can’t better it. Review comments, see what clients like and want, and use data to drive change.
  5. Stay consistent… the content you create and share, informs them of what you do and value you bring, and helps them close the gap between what they want, and what they know, and what they seek to know. Let your content be the thing they find.

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