Make a commitment, make a plan, make it visible, make it happen

I have been thinking like a blogger and writer for the last year. Starting, stopping, getting some momentum, then slowing down to perfect that momentum. Then getting pulled down by day to day life and letting it slip away. We all have that thing that we desire to do or develop in us. The great secret to achieving it all is very simple to all of us. Decide what it is, make a plan, set up the space to do it, set your commitments, and then as the great Gary Vaynerchuk says…HUSTLE!

I am going to, over the next few weeks, blog daily. I have been reading tons of blogs and material on starting a blog. The information consumed always evolves into me over analysing how I’m going to create this perfect blog.

The aim of this daily blogging project is to create some momentum, to practice, and discover how to make this dream a reality.

“Don’t let yourself off the hook with excuses. It’s entirely your responsibility to make your dreams come true” — from the book Rework

In playing a musical instrument I have experienced the power of compound repetition. You get handed a piece of music to perform. At first glance it looks daunting, with loads of black dots. You start breaking it down, attempting to make sense of the black mess on the stave and transform it into something that resembles a tune. Every day you chip away at it, bit by bit. It is in this repetition, this chipping away that you begin to build momentum, and what happens is so special. You start seeing the mess in cleaner way. The countless black notes now become a pattern. Instead of focusing on the details, you see the bigger picture. Instead of thinking about every step you take, you let your finger do the leading. Instead of controlling everything you are allowed to let it happen organically.

I would recommend practicing your craft daily. I fall into the exact same trap as most people where we don’t want to expose our work till its perfect. This is such a destructive way of thinking. Its easy to wait for that perfect day, with perfect conditions, where people nudge you in the perfect way, and your motivation is at the optimum levels.

My advice, just chip away, so when you do have an unexpected perfect day, you have actually been practicing so well that you can make better use of that gift of a day.

Medium is a perfect place to do this, to practice, to find inspiration and grow my confidence.

If you are reading this, thank you for reading and if you are dreaming of achieving one of your goals, today is a perfect day to make a start.


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