You don’t notice until you notice

Daily we experience many interactions with people and things. And this is not bound to things we only encounter physically, but also digitally. We consume so much information on the daily via social media and the Internet. Our propensity to absorb information might diminish, only because we create these filters that allows more information to flow. How much of that information we retain is another story.

And in this we might experience many things, and have access to so many things that contributes to good in our lives, but because we haven’t take time to notice, we just don’t notice those things.

Take for an example the small things that your partner does. Often times the small things fail to impress because we are so hooked on to that next stimuli. What next event or moment can give that edge and get me excited. We often miss the real important ones — the ones in the detail. The ones that accompanies us day to day, where our real lives are lived.

Everyone chases happiness; not noticing it’s right at their heels.

You don’t notice products and how they influence our environment till you take time to notice. Our water shortage in Cape Town is a good example. For many years, many gave no thought, and rightly so as it was a resource that flowed from a tap that we got billed for. Till the restrictions came in to place, till we had to be more thoughtful about how we use this resource. Suddenly we noticed how we waste, how we abuse and take for granted this resource. It’s been there, we consume it every day, and we don’t notice — Until we are forced to notice.

Our health, we make big changes when we notice there’s a problem. Often the noticing of the problem is the problem because it might very well be too late. Why do we wait to notice things out of external pressure, and not just be more mindful and noticed what a good time this is to live in. IF you are that fortunate to live in a country such as ours in South Africa, why we notice more of the good that people do.

Take time to notice the important things, the ones hidden in every day life. The things that have brought us to a place, but now just become an element of our journey. Many of the answers we need to the challenges we have to face are hidden in those simple and basic things.

Take time to notice what’s important, before you are forced to take note.


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