Freelancer Year One: A Short Memoir of My Journey Thus Far

It’s just over a year since I chose this entrepreneurial path. Having worked in corporate for close to 15 years, I had seen enough. Seen enough to know that my future was not connected to that life. I do not discount the learning, especially when you work for a company that operates in a very highly organized and forward thinking way. Especially being surrounded by incredibly smart and highly energized individuals daily. But no matter how great the lions are; a tiger will never fit, its just not organic to him. (Or whatever other analogy you can think of in this moment.

And here I am… survived, living to fight another day i.e. today. There’s no another day. In this life whether it works or not, you have to keep on moving forward TODAY!

I’ve learnt quite a few things, relied on quite a few people, made quite a few mistakes, would perhaps do quite a few things differently… but I had never quite felt like quitting.

And that’s a basis to the first part of my reflection. There are many objective things, such as cash flow that could hamper your progress or survival, or new work coming in. These things ebbs and flows, constantly. There is no getting settled, especially in the first year. But in your head, if you aren’t resilient and tough, and able to keep moving forward and making progress, you will not survive.

You can survive any battle and persevere, except for the one in your head… If you give up that battle, the whole thing falls apart.

People… I can mention many people that have supported and lent an encouraging hand on this journey, too many to mention. My point, this whole thing is about people. You can have a fantastic marketing strategy, visualization of your dream, but you need people. You need to connect, and show them value. Not how valuable you are, but how much value you can bring to them.

Early on you also cannot be romantic. Focus is important and even more it’s imperative, in what ever you offer to be highly specialized. But while you are starting up, learn and spend as much time as you can in honing your craft, but add as much value to whomever you can with any skill you may have developed. It not only makes you more indispensible as an individual, it has a knock on effect with people. Because the value you bring them makes them trust you, and trust makes them speak about you, and speaking about you brings awareness of you and in turn can bring you new business.

Try, do whatever you want, whatever itch you have, there is no reason why you cannot explore it all. That is the beauty of tis life and time we live in. Scratch that itch. Gather the data for yourself. Do it, so you can experience it, so you can have the viewpoint if you want to continue with whatever that is. Pondering, strategizing, or “one day I will do it”, never really gets anything done. So do it. Today!

I am incredible blessed to have this opportunity to wake up and decide what I want to do with my time and day. I get to choose who I spend it with, and the only limit to my growth is my own drive and desire to grow and be better. It comes with its own anxiety and pressure. You never get to switch off, and I mean that, NEVER!

“You have control of your time” is true, yet you don’t because you’re a one-man show and things needs to get done. But it’s doing what you love. Doing what you love can very well stress the living Sh*t out of you if you don’t reach your targets. Under those pressures, love fades 😀

To cut a long story short, you never really switch off. It can be satisfying because you are generating new thoughts and ideas constantly, but tiring because you never stop to breath.

Here’s to year 2. New adventure and challenges on the horizon. A continuation of all the things mentioned above. But most important, living my best life and the one I choose to craft.


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